Alia ATF80 Smart Target flowmeters-Flare GAS,Low pressure,High temp

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ATF80 Smart Target flowmeters apply new capacitance sensors to the target flowmeters, process the detected sensor signal, through digital technique and micro-electric technology, to 4-20mA output which is proportional to flow.

Smart Target Flowmeters are suitable for low-velocity & high-temp. gas, steam and big-size flowrate. If there is an error of measuring range, you can only change target for satisfying correct application and it is no need to change the whole flowmeter.

Can measuring the low velocity less then 0.1 m/s
It's able to measure high-temp., low-press. and low-flowrate flare gas.
4-20 mA output Hart communication
Low Pressure lose
The Max. temperature can be up to 450 o C
Powerful Alia software, and can be online calibration
For large pipeline, use Insert Type or Hot-Tap Type.